It’s Time to Get the Party Started

I normally try to stick to lighthearted and humorous pieces when writing my blog. But today I want to depart from that and talk about something a bit more serious: the GOP. Those of you who know me are aware that I am very politically minded and, at the same time, extremely disturbed and distraught by the current course of our nation. Needless to say, I was not at all pleased with the outcome of the November 2012 elections.

In the two years leading up to those elections I wrote dozens of articles in support of a new political party to replace the GOP. I even contacted various media types and the local Tea Party to try to press my point. I was rebuffed at every turn. Why? Because of this inane idea that a third party cannot win elections.

I call the idea “inane” because the Republican Party got its start as the outsider back in the 1850s. The Republicans, championed by none other than Abraham Lincoln, were disgruntled with the Whigs due to their constant siding with the Democrats on one issue after another. When they could take the political malfeasance no longer they spun off, established their new party, and subsequently put the Whigs out of business.

I won’t bother trying to argue whether or not it’s possible to do the same thing today. I already know it is. What I do want to do is ask all of the GOP faithful this question: what are you waiting for?

Ever since I was old enough to remember (I’m 47) the Republican establishment and media types have been saying we don’t need to replace the GOP, we need to reform it. Well I also remember the days of Richard Nixon and the Watergate crucifixion, and I’m tired of 40 years of promises that remain unfulfilled to this day. How many more election cycles are we going to go through before American conservatives finally grasp the ugly reality that the Republican Party is beyond reformation?

Need some evidence? Consider the following exhibits:

  • Speaker Boehner caved on the fiscal cliff negotiations
  • the Republicans have twice raised the debt ceiling since Obama took office
  • the GOP is now embracing an immigration reform policy that is nothing more than a vehicle to bring more Democrats into the fold
  • Republican leadership has sat idly by and approved appropriations bills while the Democrat-led Senate has failed to produce a budget – in violation of the law I might add – for four years running
  • the House has done nothing by way of impeachment proceedings even though Obama, Biden, and a host of others have openly broken the law and violated the Constitution (can you say “drones” and “fast and furious”?)

Let’s face it folks, there is absolutely no resistance to Obama and his progressive agenda anywhere on Capitol Hill. Simply electing more “conservative sounding” Republicans like Marco Rubio is not going to help. Rubio himself showed how foolish that thinking is by caving on immigration. And he’s not alone. Every time we elect someone who appears to be a true conservative it’s only a matter of time before he’s poisoned by the Washington environment, and the bluebloods in his own party,  only to begin acting like a Democrat.

I’ve heard some of my Republican friends say they are leaving the GOP and heading to the Libertarian party. I congratulate them on the one hand, but I am equally incensed on the other. Joining the Libertarian party doesn’t do any good either. By joining another party true conservatives must once again compromise their principles and go along to get along.

Furthermore, the Libertarian party is no better for America than the Democrats. While the Democrats want to control everything the Libertarians want absolutely no control. Both extremes are dangerous and incorrect.

The only way out of this mess, politically speaking, is for the conservatives of this country to rise up and put the GOP out of business with a new party. We need a party that returns this country to its Constitutional roots regardless of whether or not the leftists like it. But understand this: we’re almost out of time. If Obama and his ilk are allowed to run free for the next four years there will be no country left to rescue in 2017. If we don’t do something now we will be the authors of our own national collapse.

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