CCS More Sinister Than We Want to Believe

Last week I wrote a blog post talking about the Common Core State Standards (CCS) and the desire of government to use them to create an ideal working class they can control. As I researched and wrote the column, I had this nagging sense I was missing something. It turns out I was right.

Since completing that post I’ve been doing more research and investing a lot of thought in the CCS issue. I’ve come to the conclusion that the Common Core plan is more sinister than we’d like to believe. In order to make the case, let’s go back to our good friend John Dewey.

Say Hello to Progressivism

As we all know, Dewey is considered the father of modern education in the United States. Though he had some help from colleagues, he’s largely responsible for introducing the idea of progressivism as a means of bringing socialism and communism to this country.

Dewey knew the best way to see his goals realized was to start in the public school system. He knew that America would never accept socialism and communism if they knew what was happening, so a slow and incremental approach was the way to go. Thus he began influencing the education system to adopt the idea of socializing children rather than educating them.

“I believe that education is the fundamental method of social progress and reform,” Dewey wrote in his Pedagogic Creed. He went on to say, “I believe it is the business of every one interested in education to insist upon the school as the primary and most effective instrument of social progress and reform in order that society may be awakened to realize what the school stands for, and aroused to the necessity of endowing the educator with sufficient equipment properly to perform his task.”

It’s clear that Dewey saw the education system as a means of bringing social change to United States; social change that couldn’t happen any other way. If you take the time to read his Creed and some of his other writings you’ll quickly see he was staunchly opposed to academics of any kind. Dewey felt it better to do away with any sort of rigorous academic learning because it encouraged independent thought. Unfortunately, independent thought is something socialism and communism can ill afford.

A Job Well Done

Now with more than 100 years under their belts, progressives have done a great job implementing Dewey’s philosophies and systematically dismantling the ability of the American public to think for themselves. Not only that, most Americans can barely read or spell, let alone have reasonable and rational conversations about the meaningful issues of life.

After more than 100 years our education system has succeeded in producing exactly what John Dewey envisioned: a society ripe for socialism and communism; a society with little knowledge of history, little knowledge of the U.S. Constitution, little common sense, and absolutely no desire to do anything about what is lacking. How else can we explain the mind-numbing acceptance of a fantasy that dictates more gun laws will magically bring an end to murder?

That said, if the American education system stopped right here it would collapse under its own weight. Why? Because the best student of today is not fit for the workplace. His mind has been destroyed by progressivism to the point where he is unable to be a productive worker.

That’s not good for socialism and communism, any more than it is for capitalism and freedom. A working-class unable to perform the necessary tasks of productivity is worthless to the socialist and communist cause. Therefore, the minds of the working class need to be reconstructed in a way that suits the state.

Enter the Common Core State Standards. They are providing the last piece of the puzzle to achieve Dewey’s dream of American socialism and communism.

Pavlov’s Dogs Were Practice

At the turn of the 20th century a scientist by the name of Ivan Pavlov began experimenting with dogs to test whether or not he could condition their behavior. You might be familiar with the concept if you’ve heard the common phrase, “Pavlov’s dog.” However, Pavlov’s experiments were about more than just dogs and saliva.

What he learned in terms of conditioning behavior forms the basis of the modern psychological study of behaviorism. Pavlov learned he could control the behavior of his animals by introducing specific stimuli under controlled circumstances. What’s more, he discovered he could control canine behavior without any formal training of the dogs.

What Pavlov came up with is something now known as “classical conditioning” or “conditioned reflex.” It is a principle that dictates human behavior can be controlled simply by taking advantage of natural reflexes built into every human being. In other words, we all have certain basic instincts natural to our creation. They can be controlled and directed just like  the reflexes of Pavlov’s canine subjects.

Just like a dog salivates when he knows his food dish is coming, human beings have very specific reflexes triggered by certain stimuli. When that stimuli can be redirected toward a specific goal, the natural human reflex can be triggered in order to accomplish that goal.

Now, here’s where this becomes sinister.

In the 1920s Pavlov and some colleagues embarked on a new long-range study in an attempt to take the lessons learned from the dogs and apply them to human beings. One of Pavlov’s colleagues, Dr. A.R. Luria, wrote all about it in his published work “The Nature of Human Conflicts.” As it turns out, the research was intended to advance the communist movement by learning how to destroy normal behavior and thought patterns and rebuild them to suit the state.

Pavlov himself wrote in 1935:

“The power of our knowledge over the nervous system will, of course, appear to much greater advantage if we learn not only to injure the nervous system but also to restore it at will. It will then have been proved that we have mastered the process and are controlling them…”

Do you understand what you just read?

A group of Russian scientists figured out how to destroy the normal thought processes and behaviors of  human beings and replace them with their own. In so doing they provided the final piece to the progressive puzzle. While Dewey’s socialization-focused education could reduce the mind of America to mush, Pavlov and his colleagues could rebuild it to suit the needs of socialism and communism.

Marching Onward

Dewey and colleague Kurt Lewin were both very familiar with Pavlov’s work in Russia. In fact, Dewey wrote very glowingly of the Russian education system while Lewin eventually came to the United States and brought Pavlov’s philosophies to MIT, where he combined them with his own thoughts on sensitivity training.

Between the two of them, Dewey and Lewin began the process of implementing Pavlov’s research with the eventual goal of instituting what the Russians had learned. And now it’s being made manifest in the CCS.

Since the 1930s the American education system has been primed for what’s now upon us. In other words, the CCS is nothing new. They’ve been planning for its implementation for generations. So that begs the question, “How have we managed to get here?”

One of the key plays in the socialist and communist playbook is to create a crisis and then jump in and solve it like a hero in a Western film. John Dewey’s progressive education created a crisis that CCS is now ostensibly going to fix.

Just stop and think about that for one minute. Let it really sink in.

Progressive education has succeeded in creating successive generations of completely uneducated Americans. We now have a crisis on our hands because people are not fit to work in 21st-century industry. Yet what does CCS promise? It promises to train our students and prepare them to be competent 21st-century workers. Just what Dewey, Pavlov, Luria, Lewin and the rest envisioned.

It comes down to this: CCS is more than just bad education. It is a deliberate and structured attempt to reshape the way Americans think in order to create a working class for the state. CCS is not new; it is merely the final step in a plan that was set in motion back in the late 1800s.

We have gotten here because of our own willful ignorance. The only way out is for us to stand up and refuse to be manipulated and controlled by the government and the public education system. A failure to do so will doom our children and grandchildren to a life void of any real liberty or freedom.

That’s the truth.


My Pedagogic Creed – by John Dewey
Essays on the Patho-Physiology of the Higher Nervous Activity According to I.P. Pavlov and His School  – by A.G. Ivanov-Smolensky

9 Replies to “CCS More Sinister Than We Want to Believe”

  1. Anita

    The only outcry of Everyone, from school administrators to family and neighbor was- What About Your Kids Socialization Skills- when we took them out to be home schooled. This shows this is where the mindset is for the adults also, not a word of what about Math or Reading skills was mentioned to me.

  2. Rebekah Walker

    Wow! What an excellent, well laid out explanation of our public school system and CCSS. Thank you for being so open and so willing to expose this travesty.

  3. Emily

    What a great and informative post! I’ve only recently been learning about CCS and as a homeschooling mom I’m trying to learn all I can now. I never even really paid attention. I shared this on my facebook page.

    A good video I watched last fall was AGENDA: Grinding America Down. Lots of eye opening things in there that tied a lot of things together that didn’t seem to make sense. It started opening my eyes and I’m not sure how I started learning about CCS, but I’m so glad! Thank you, again!

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