Can You Hear Me Now?

Oh, what a difference a day makes.

I was planning to write this blog post yesterday, but I decided to wait a day and sleep on it. Why? Because yesterday I was fit to be tied. As my lovely wife can attest, I was spitting bullets and in no mood to have a rational conversation with anyone. A good night’s sleep and a full day of work have allowed me to settle down enough to put my thoughts together. So here goes.

Let me use the following question as my launching point:

What, in the name of Sam Hill, is going on in Washington DC? In more than 40 years of following national politics religiously, I have never seen anything like this. What has happened in our nation’s capital over the last six years makes both Watergate and the McCarthy era seem like quaint days of old we all long to return to. Making matters worse is the reality that most Americans feel powerless.

But we’re not — IF we’re willing to stand up and refuse to take this anymore. Keep in mind there are only a total of 549 federal officials controlling this country; the total federal workforce is just over 21 million. There are more than 300 million of us who are suffering the consequences of what these schleps are doing.

Time to Learn a Lesson

During the last national election cycle I made a very unsuccessful bid to be President of the United States. I didn’t expect to win, but I also didn’t expect the reactions I received as I made phone calls and wrote letters. My campaign never got beyond a few dozen supporters because of two persistent ideas that seem to permeate the world of conservatives:

  • third-party candidate can’t win elections
  • candidates without experience can’t win elections

The latter was obviously proved false when Barack Obama won the presidency. Here’s a man that had very little political experience before being elected to the U.S. Senate in 2005. By the time 2007 rolled around he was fully embroiled in the presidential election and barely showed his face in Washington.

As for the argument regarding third-party candidates, I’m sick and tired of hearing about it.

Conservatives like me are constantly being told to forget about third-party candidates and work to change the Republican Party from the inside out. We keep hearing that we’re supposed to “wait until the next election cycle” when we can elect enough conservatives to turn things around. But every election cycle comes and goes with the same result — conservatives winning elections only to become CINOs (conservatives in name only) upon their arrival in Washington.

Take Sen. Marco Rubio from Florida as an example. He was a rising star when he unexpectedly won a Senate seat in 2010; he’s even been referred to as the “prince of the tea party” in some circles. But where is Sen. Rubio now? Leading the Gang of Eight attempting to ram amnesty down the throats of American citizens. Mr. Rubio wants to be president and he thinks that’s not possible without opening his big tent to illegal aliens.

Then there’s the speaker Boehner; a man who put on a great show of tears and pseudo-humility when he accepted the position of Speaker of the House. But today Mr. Boehner sits idly by as one scandal after another mounts in the deepest recesses of the White House. Truth be told, impeachment proceedings should have started a long time ago against Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Eric Holder, John Roberts, et al. Yet the House continues to piddle around the edges, parading Administration officials before sub-committees while knowing full well no one is going to answer the questions.

And we’re supposed to continue to support the GOP? Don’t make me laugh; it hurts too much.

It’s time for us to learn a lesson. It’s time for us to stop waiting on professional politicians to change their ways. Instead, it’s time we show them the door by way of a new party. If every American who is now disgusted with Washington would have the courage to simply join and support a new party, Washington would change over night.

Introducing a Third-PartyScandals

We have reached the point of no return unless we’re willing to create a third-party that can go toe-to-toe with both Republicans and Democrats. We can no longer afford to wait for the next election cycle when we’re supposedly going to get enough conservatives in Washington to make a difference.


We need a brand-new third-party with the message and courage to return America to her constitutional roots. And before all of you libertarians rise up in praise of Rand Paul, forget about it. If a third-party is to be effective it needs to be completely free of any current political affiliations. The moment you add career politicians into the mix, you are beholden to the way they do business.

No, what we need is a third-party that starts from the ground up and is populated by average citizens like you and me. If politicians want to join the bandwagon, they need to be treated just like the rest of us. The leaders of this party CANNOT be career politicians looking for fame, power and the spotlight. Our leaders need to be farmers, factory workers, plumbers and bakers willing to go to Washington for a single term before returning home.

Do you agree? Are you willing to do something about it?

My 2010 presidential campaign was no joke; I was dead serious about it. I am dead serious about this. I’m willing to start a third political party if America’s voters will join me. If you’re ready to stand up and put Washington back in its place, send me an e-mail and we’ll see where it goes.

Can you hear me now?


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